About Siegel & Shuster Society

Something special happened in Cleveland, Ohio, in the early 1930s. A couple of teenagers in the city's Glenville neighborhood came up with an idea that would change popular culture forever. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman, and a legend was born.

They didn't look for publicity, and didn't get much as a result. Years passed, and while Superman soared in popularity Siegel and Shuster seemed to fade into obscurity. In the early 1970s, a group of dedicated comic industry pros succeeded in restoring their names as the creators of a legend. But Siegel and Shuster continued to live quiet lives, confident that their legacy would live on many years after their passing.

However, few outside the world of comics recognized their great achievements. In 2007, Michael Sangiacomo at the Plain Dealer wrote a full-page column questioning why the city where Superman was created didn't celebrate his creators. It was a call to action! Within weeks a group of dedicated business professionals, educators, media folks, members of the creators' families and average fans joined to form the Siegel and Shuster Society.

The first order of business was to restore Jerry Siegel's boyhood home and commemorate the spot where Joe Shuster drew the first sketches of the Man of Steel.

The noted writer Brad Meltzer offered to help, and he arranged a fundraising auction to raise the money needed for these important projects. Thanks to Brad, the Society quickly reached its fundraising goal and the sites were dedicated with great fanfare.

The Society's next project was a permanent display at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Another whirlwind fundraising drive raised the necessary funds for a world class exhibit welcoming visitors to the city where a legend was born. There was also a successful campaign for an Ohio license plate with the iconic S shield and the legend "Truth, Justice and the American Way".

The Siegel and Shuster Society is dedicated to calling attention to the remarkable events that started with an idea in the minds of two teenagers. Consider this: It's been said there are five literary figures known by every culture in every country of the world. They are Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Robin Hood, Mickey Mouse and Superman. We all know that Walt Disney created Mickey, but how many people today recognize the names Edgar Rice Burroughs or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? We won't allow the names Siegel and Shuster to be forgotten.

Our mission statement speaks for itself, as do our ongoing projects. Welcome to the official website of the Siegel and Shuster Society.

Our Mission

The Siegel & Shuster Society is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to commemorating and celebrating the creation of Superman in Cleveland, Ohio by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The Society will, in a manner consistent with the rights of DC Comics, create events and activities which celebrate Cleveland as the "Birthplace of Superman" and the importance of Superman to our community today and in the future. The Society will also work with other organizations that are celebrating Superman in a manner consistent with the goals of the Society.